Some may argue that CBD could have saved Steve Jobs life. Throughout his life Steve was known to smoke and eat cannabis for its natural remedies.


What many people do not know is that while he was on the waiting list for his liver transplant, Steve was told that he was not allowed any cannabis in his system, or it would disqualify him for the liver transplant.


Ultimately, Steve died of pancreatic cancer, and photos of him in his later life clearly showed a man that was struggling to maintain a healthy weight as his body withered away. We now know that the research has discovered that pancreatic cancer patients that utilize CBD not only experience less pain, they also keep on weight better, and survive longer than patients that do not use CBD.


During this time without cannabis, clearly Steve’s cancer was spreading like wild fire throughout his body as he slowly died in agony. Towards the end, there were moments where Steve lamented that he was not allowed to take cannabinoids, even orally, because of the strict requirements.


If you are suffering from pancreatic cancer, please consult a medical professional and review all available options to see if CBD is right for you.


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