Cannabis, or more specifically its active molecular components called “cannabinoids,” are gaining recognition as an essential medicine in modern medicine. Of course, cannabis itself is quite ancient and has a long history of therapeutic uses, though we are currently seeing a rapid proliferation of novel CBD products as hemp production increases nationwide.


Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid molecule that performs as an exceptional medicine for a variety of conditions. CBD isolate is the purest and most potent form of CBD available.


The good news is that for people suffering from a variety of conditions, including many types of cancer, fibromyalgia, PTSD, OCD, MS, sciatica, epilepsy, autoimmune diseases, and diabetes, CBD isolate provides relief, and in certain cases slows or stops the progression of the disease.


CBD isolate is a powerful anti-anxiety and fear extinguishing agent. One of the main uses of CBD isolate is pain management. Once again, CBD isolate is the most potent form of cannabidiol available.


It also solves some logistical problems for manufacturers. It’s cheaper than full spectrum CBD distillate, and among many issues it solves for manufacturers, it contains no detectable THC. It’s also odorless, colorless, tasteless, and combines with other compounds, such as bacopins from bacopa monnieri, to make powerful drug cocktails.


CBD isolate is versatile because it’s miscible (mixable in oils, honey, and alcohols) and therefore it is ready to make a variety of preparations including vaporizer juices, oils, and recipes giving people personalized methods of consumption including inhalation, skin absorption, and digestion.


The proper technique, such as emulsification or sonication, can make CBD isolate aqueous, rendering it water soluble. Due to its purity, potency, versatility, and unique molecular properties, CBD isolate is revolutionizing modern medicine.


Our bodies naturally produce cannabinoids, known as endogenous cannabinoids. These are molecules our bodies make targeting the ECS (endocannabinoid system), like for example, anandamide, and 2AE. In many ailments, the body benefits from supplementation with exogenous, or plant-based cannabinoids.


While the ECS has been recently studied many interesting things have been discovered, and what is now known is that while neurotransmitters carry forth the synaptic signals that are crucial to proper nervous system functioning, the endocannabinoid system modulates and prepares the synaptic cleft for the subsequent signaling by neurotransmitters.

How cannabinoids work

How cannabinoids work

It is this system that both endogenous and exogenous plant-derived cannabinoids act upon within the body. The receptors for cannabinoids are also distributed through the body in various concentrations depending on the area of the body. There are natural gender differences in the distribution and concentration of receptors as well.


There are also differences between how quickly the liver processes cannabinoids among individuals. Current studies suggest that while cannabis does metabolize in the liver, this is not sufficient to interfere with the processing of other drugs that people are on for their respective ailments. For this reason, CBD isolate is regarded as safe and its use is concordant with conventional methods.


The organ systems that are molecular targets of cannabinoids include the brain, digestive system, immune system, nervous system, musculature, and fat. This distribution of receptors is the reason why cannabinoids are an effective solution for some ailments, though not others. The receptors for CBD are currently not yet known, and this is currently still an endeavor in research stages of discovery.


It is purported that CBD may modulate the binding of other cannabinoids to their respective receptors, though just because no receptors have been discovered that CBD directly binds to, does not mean that they do not exist. After all, we live in a world where we have known the exact molecular mechanisms for a range of diseases for decades or centuries, ranging from Sickle Cell Anemia to Alzheimer’s, and modern medicine is still clueless about how to stop or cure these ailments which pathologically are very molecular level diseases.


CBD is also a desirable component in full spectrum CBD Hemp Oil. Hemp oil is the resinous constituent harnessed from the top flowers of the Hemp plant. A variety of extraction methods and solvents can be used to glean the precious resin from the plant tissue specific to the top flowers and stems of the hemp plants.


Hemp oil contains other components of the cannabis plant as well, delivering what is known as the “entourage effect.” Depending on the method of consumption, usually inhaled or ingested, the entourage effect is a unique effect that is delivered by the cumulative binding of a number sundry molecules in congregation. Different strains and extracts of the cannabis plant contain different mixtures and ratios of molecules and different entourages, conferring different effects.


It is important to note that hemp oil is also different from hemp seed oil, which is the extract of the seed and does not contain the medicinal fraction of the plant. Furthermore, often mistaken for hemp oil, hemp seed oil does not contain the coveted CBD molecule, because the seeds simply do not contain any of the medicinal resins produced primarily by the flower tissues of the plant. While Hemp Seed Oil is quite nutritional, containing omega 3 fatty acid, it is not going to deliver the same medicinal effect as hemp oil.


Hemp seed oil does not contain CBD. Hemp seed oil may be a great base for a salad dressing recipe, though the medicinal benefits of CBD are conferred by the flower organs of the plant producing a wholly different type of oil than that which is gleaned from the seed.


Hemp oil is extracted from hemp using a variety of solvents, methods, and extraction platforms. Propanol, ethanol, carbon dioxide, and butane are all conventional solvents used to extract the valuable resin from the plant material.


CBD isolate can be made from such oil extracts using a variety of purification processes that strip away the other undesirable molecules such as plant waxes, pesticides, and residual solvents that may be remaining in a full spectrum hemp oil concentrate or extract. This is one of the major benefits of CBD isolate. However, these natural methods are generally regarded as safe, though as a savvy buyer, there are certain of these potentially deleterious attributes to keep track of through lab testing.


When a concentrate of hemp oil is made through an extraction process, it is possible that pesticides, used in cultivation, can be concentrated as well. Furthermore, the solvent being used to extract the resin, while non-toxic themselves, may contain other residual solvents, some of which may be toxic, and therefore must be tested for.


One of the benefits of CBD isolate over full spectrum hemp oil is that because the CBD has been isolated, there is no extraneous concern with regards to residual solvents, or pesticides, being concentrated into the extract from the extraction process. You also don’t have to worry about THC content because with isolate you are at non-detectable levels.


Cannabis is an accumulator plant, and hemp is often used in bioremediation and ecological restoration after there is a toxic leak, to leach all of the toxins out of the soil. This means that cannabis will absorb heavy metals from the soil, and these undesirable heavy metals can show up in the plant and products made downstream in the extraction and isolation process.


Being derived from a plant, the final product can also contain harmful molds and the toxins that molds produce called mycotoxins. Also, different hemp oils contain differing amounts of CBD percentages, so it’s absolutely crucial to conduct effective lab testing throughout the entire process so, as a buyer, you know that what you are getting is a clean, pure, and quality product.


There is a wide range of qualities based on the above factors, and for this reason, the highest and purest grades of cannabis-based medicines command a higher price. If you or a loved one have benefited from the miraculous benefits of CBD, then CBD isolate may be an effective and economical solution for you.