“The Art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore a physician must start from nature with an open mind.” ~ Paracelsus, Father of Modern Toxicology


Once the THC is extracted out, then it can be sold in Arkansas, a state where growing industrial hemp is illegal. Currently, CBD cannabis products must be imported from the other states where it is allowed. Despite this logistic regulatory obstacle, CBD cannabis product sales are picking up in Arkansas because it is a general prosperity and inclusivity, alienating many from the conventional medical system.


In the new era of Fake News, there are many misconceptions regarding CBD cannabis products and rich wealth of knowledge to rebuttal anti-science journalists and the institutions that are paying them.


Currently, these products do not fall under FDA regulations, however, the FDA has stepped out of its lane and perhaps illegally, approved a new CBD product. So you have to do some research, though, with a bit of due diligence, you will find a high-quality valuable CBD line that will effectively replace dozens of other single-target drugs, saving you thousands of dollars over the years.


If you have a serious health condition, do shop around, consult with your physician, especially for potential adverse effects caused by drug contra-indications. For example, CBD is known to lower blood pressure, so for a family member that is already taking a blood pressure lowering medicine, it’s certainly wise to run it by your doctor.


However, you certainly do not have to be held back by the initial sticker shock some products have. Hemp-derived CBD provides proven and potent benefits to over 5 different organ systems, including the immune system, the nervous system, the muscles, your fat, your skin, and possibly even more down the road as we discover more about nature’s leading molecule of choice for medicine.


CBD is rapidly replacing dozens of supplements and drugs, and the advancement of quality of life, many find CBD delivers is well worth the investment in personal research, time and monies.


Before embarking on your search for your next CBD cannabis product, decide on your preferred methods of consumption. Some find that they prefer to assimilate their CBD through transdermal methods such as CBD patches, topicals, or bath bombs. Others have found that for their unique symptoms, the lungs truly provide the most effective solution for medicating due to factors that impart high bio-availability.


Still, others have found other methods that we can explore in a later article, so stay tuned, and be sure to bookmark our thread, and be sure to add it to your RSS feed so you can stay fully informed and updated.


There are a number of things you can look for when you gauge the quality of a prospective CBD product you are considering and comparing. The very first I would look for is the absence of THC. Few brands have achieved non-detectable levels of THC:


THC's 2D Model

THC’s 2D Model


You want to avoid THC because it is an actively regulated and heavily enforced schedule 1 drug, and because it’s schedule 1, it comes with massive potential downsides. For example, did you know that you can very well be denied a job due to the fact that if a CBD hemp-based cannabis product contains too much THC it can exclude you from consideration? I touched more on this topic in another blog post: http://buycbdirect.com/drug-tests/


Particularly, national companies are concerned about what is in your body because they too are under regulation, ranging from their ability to collect federal funding, to their ability to provide you with medical insurance. THC has historically held families back from everything between receiving an organ transplant to even getting medical insurance coverage to begin with.


Pure CBD products are not associated with the well documented intoxicating effects of THC positive products, such as forgetfulness, euphoria, dizziness, dry mouth and eyes, anxiety, and paranoia.


Furthermore, CBD has been shown to provide a reduction in disordered thinking, elevating it to the level of a nootropic, with many nicotine users finding either a reduction in their nicotine intake or a total cessation of tobacco.


CBDs solid reputation as “The Hippy’s Disappointment,” serves to remind us that despite its negative side effects THC also has medical benefits, particularly when utilized in conjunction with CBD. However, in 2018, this certainly not a privilege afforded to the American masses, though a handful of states have managed to mitigate the enforcement of Federal laws to facilitate access to this Federally illegal schedule 1 cannabis plant.


CBD is not lab tested for analytes despite its scheduling. Essentially, CBD use is currently not being enforced. The Federal government has reiterated that CBD is still schedule 1, which means that Washington, DC does not recognize the medical benefits of cannabis, while at the same time, legalized the THC positive cannabis products for DC locals.


Perhaps this will slowly open the minds of lawmakers, and they will hopefully re-schedule at least CBD if not all hemp products, including high THC cannabis. High THC is preferred by Parkinson’s Patients suffering from low dopamine levels, or Epileptics, such as children with Dravet’s Syndrome, that find that THC is more effective than CBD for mitigating the number of seizures they experience.


CBD’s rise to popularity is primarily driven by its ability to circumvent and skirt the rules of the current regulations, and it’s making many entrepreneurs wealthy as pharmaceutical companies continue to waste decades of failure and unprecedented levels of misdirected funding in providing accessible and affordable alternatives.


The fact that, despite regulations, cannabis is as accessible as it is, is a clear sign that current pharmacologic solutions are decades, possibly centuries behind.


After you have determined the product has the appropriate amount of CBD for your desired application, be it bath bombs, topicals, or vaporizer cartridges, the next thing to look for is other analytes lab screening may have detected such as residual solvents, pesticides, or mycotoxins excreted by fungal contamination.


Heavy metals testing can be useful, though not enough to detect all sources of heavy metals. For example, particularly with vaporizer cartridges, some have been found to impart lead into the inhaled plume of vapor. If this information is not readily made available to you, ask the company for it’s COA, or Certificate of Analysis, which are the results from third-party lab testing.


Producing high-quality hemp is a very specific process that assures cleanliness and mitigates toxicity.


Paracelsus, The Father of Modern Toxicology, conjectured that “Poison is in everything, and nothing is without poison. The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy.” Paracelsus think that’s enough. I know that’s not enough. To that we can now add that many medicinal compounds are generally regarded as safe and even tolerated well by many in high doses, when and where applicable.


Hemp-derived CBD certainly falls into the safe and secure category that many trusts and rely upon for themselves, their family, and their pets.


When you retrieve your order, or if you are in your local CBD purveyor’s shop, look for the product’s batch number, and expiration date. Track the batch numbers, and make note of any changes in quality are observed.


There are large variations between batches as many companies are attempting to offer full spectrum options which naturally differ from batch to batch.


If you are seeking consistency, and affordability, consider a product that has been made using CBD isolate, which is also non-detectable for THC, so you will never have to worry about the government’s problem with THC again.