Wholesale Hemp

From organic non-GMO hemp flower buds  to trim, kief, and biomass for processing with regularly scheduled deliveries, we have all the wholesale hemp options you need.

Wholesale Information

Wholesale Hemp

Buy CBD Direct provides 99.9% pure CBD isolate crystalline for wholesale purchase only. Our pure CBD (Cannabidiol) isolate is extracted from industrial hemp using supercritical CO2 extractors. This is the only way to produce 99.99% pure CDB isolate.

At Buy CBD Direct, we only use organically grown non-GMO hemp and supercritical CO2 extractors to produce the purest CBD available on the market today.

Pure CBD

  • 99.99% Pure Cannabidiol (CBD) Isolate
  • Extracted from Industrial Hemp
  • Pure Odorless/Flavorless CBD Isolate Crystalline.

100% Organic

  • Organically Grown Non-GMO Hemp
  • Harvested with Care
  • Every Kilo is 3rd Party Tested & Analyzed:
    • Potency (Cannabinoid Level)
    • Pesticides
    • Heavy Metals
    • Solvents

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